GFWC_Logo_2747C+1245C+1815C+K_emblemWelcome and thank you for visiting Roswell Cares Service League.  We are a member driven non-profit volunteer service organization made up of women of all ages who share a very simple common goal to motivate families and corporate entities to “Do Something Good” by serving and volunteering within our Roswell and North Fulton communities.  Although we are a woman’s club, family members and spouses are welcome to join our service events.

Roswell Cares Service League was established by former President of the Atlanta Woman’s Club and Roswell resident, Cimi Douglass, and The Atlanta Woman’s Club.  They realized the need to have a GFWC presence in the Roswell area.  Roswell is one of the top ten largest cities in Georgia and they believe that a federated national woman’s club should be in large communities in order to assist with its community service efforts.

Roswell Cares is a member of the Georgia Federation of Women’s Clubs,(www.gfwcgeorgia.org) as well as the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (www.gfwc.org).   GFWC Georgia has approximately 80 clubs and 2,000 members throughout the State of Georgia and GFWC which has 80,000 members strong and united in its dedication to volunteer community service.  Having a national presence in Roswell and a network of clubs around the world, with an abundance of resources available to us is a great advantage and benefit to our club and its members.

We are grateful to The Atlanta Woman’s Club who sponsored and supported the formation of Roswell Cares Service League and extremely excited that the Georgia Federation of Woman’s Clubs approved our Charter to continue the legacy of “Living the Volunteer Spirit” in our Roswell and North Fulton communities.

Our Club offers a range of volunteer opportunities in six general areas: Arts, Conservation, Education, Home Life, International Outreach and Public Issues.  There is much to do within these six areas in our Roswell Community alone.  Please visit our Community Service Program pages to learn more about each Community Service area.  Please visit our Program Page here.

OUR MISSION – Our mission is to encourage our members to be a catalyst for positive change within our communities through volunteer service.  Simply put, we want to impact lives and the communities we live in through volunteer service.

THE VISION  –  Our vision is to inspire everyone to be action oriented and positive changemakers that make lasting impacts on their communities through serving others.

Looking for an activity your whole family will enjoy? We believe families should volunteer together just as much as attending sports events.  Volunteering can be a dynamic, rewarding way to bring everyone together. Whether you’re organizing a food or clothing drive or cleaning up a street or river, volunteering as a family gives you rewarding and purposeful quality time together. Service gives our children perspective and gets everyone thinking positively and prioritizing what’s important. Leading by example is one of the most important lesson you will teach your children.  Plus, you’ll make some great memories! 

Are you retired or an empty-nester and looking for something to do?  Look no further, giving back by lending your free time and talent will provide you with a sense of purpose, while you enrich the lives of others and our communities.

If giving back is already a priority for you and your family, we would love for you to join us!  Roswell Cares promises to give you the opportunity to serve in their community in a simple, flexible, and life-changing way.   We want you help you make a difference in the lives of others which in turn will make a difference in yours as well.

We believe, small changes add up to big ones, and every positive step we take to help others makes our communities and families stronger.

SO JOIN US!  Make the most of your unique talents and “Let’s do something good!”

We are all good at something, and our special skills and talents can always be used for the good of all. What’s your special skill? Have you ever considered using it (free of charge) to make a positive difference? Maybe you are good with technology and could design a website for a charity or initiative close to your heart. Maybe you are a people person who could fundraise and organize events with a big impact. Maybe you are creative and could run art workshops for vulnerable people or kids in your community.  Join us and use your talents for the greater good.  Contact us at gfwc.roswellcares@gmail.com.