Host Interactive Community Service Projects

Need Help Organizing Volunteer Events? Let us Help!

Volunteering through Roswell Cares Service League is an easy and simple way to give back to the community in addition to being a great team building activity. Neighborhood or Office team building activities are a great way to feel connected to your community. Not only do they provide a time for your co-workers or neighbors to bond and give back together, but they also benefit the direct community. This is a wonderful way to unite the office, your neighborhood or your family by providing a time for everyone to exercise their teamwork skills.

Organizing volunteer service within our community is our specialty and what we do every day. Let us help you with your next service event – we can offer your company the ease of giving back with great project ideas onsite and/or offsite.

It’s a fact: there are many benefits to volunteering. You’re happier, healthier , and have a sense of greater purpose. More companies are jumping on the volunteering bandwagon to give these direct benefits to their employees. In fact, 20% of companies offer paid volunteer time off to their employees, compared to 15% in 2009. Read on for the top 5 ways both you and your company can benefit when volunteering together:


Scientists who have studied the physical effects of doing good deeds on the human body, coined the term Helper’s High. This term refers to positive feelings such as having great comfort and less stress that stem from doing a good deed. The math is simple, happier staff means a positive and beneficial work environment, which yields a higher retention rate for excellent employees.


Volunteers who mobilize for a common goal often form a strong bond. While volunteering you get to meet people in other departments that you might not be able to otherwise. These connections are a great opportunity to expand your company’s business ties internally.


You’ve bonded with your co-workers over deadlines, projects and at work events, but have you bonded over working towards a goal outside the office? Volunteering as a team allows staff members to get to know each other on another level and learn more about each person’s strengths and characteristics. People who work well together as a team are one of the most valuable assets any employer can have and mixed with volunteering, employees enjoy the mutual feeling of contributing to something positive.


Unique and positive activities that allow your employees to break from their routine have incredible value, and volunteering will motivate creative thinking and new ways of solving problems. Additionally, being a part of something good that is larger than yourself, will keep your staff motivated to continue to be the best they can be.

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